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The PatternSemi-Auto Sharpshooter RifleThe Weather Modification Department
The FBI Goes 20mmThe DonkeysM-4s For Weightlifters
France Seeks To Be NormalA Kinder And Gentler Land MineU.S. Army Agrees That The M-4 Sucks
IEDs Move EastNewer Isn't Always BetterLighter And Less Durable
Jammed Rifles And Other ObsessionsChina's PhalanxRoll-Your-Own RPG Rockets
India Builds A 35mm AAA SystemSon Of Uzi Goes AbroadTwisting, Tumbling And Knocking Them Down
Makeover For Ma DeuceThe Unlikely WinnerPimp My Rifle
The Head ShotRadical New Machine-Gun DesignScopes Make Machine-gun More Lethal
If You Can't Beat 'em, Make A Better CopyHand Held Anti-Tank WeaponM4 For Now
Nasty Things You Can Do On The Internet The Sideways Return Of The Thump GunDoes Size Really Matter?
American Snipers Go MagnumTaliban Weaponize White PhosphorusFalse Hopes
SCAR Goes To WarHomemade FirearmsNon-Lethal Weapons Wash Out
RobosniperThe Impossible DreamsThe Little Shotgun That Could
Snipers And Their Shooting ComputersXM-25 Is Readied For Prime TimeTake Down Power
Fixing The Great Thermals ShortageQuiet Magazines Save LivesMagnum Reach Required
IEDs in Afghanistan Computer Controlled 40mm GrenadeChina Exports Its Radical New Assault Rifle
What Failed In Iraq, Fails in Afghanistan Are Expensive Weapons Worth It?Dutch Infantry Work Their Rifles To Death
Why The RPG RulesKeeping The Dust OutApple Software Makes A Better Sniper
Iran Seeks To Rearm HamasThe CleansingLights! Sound! Confusion!
The Rockets That Destroyed Their UsersAfghans Rediscover The Lee-EnfieldThe Business Of Bombs In Afghanistan

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