Weapons: New Powered Eyes For Marine Snipers


March31, 2006: U.S. Marine snipers are having much success with their new M-8541 sniper rifle scopes. These are military versions of the Schmidt & Bender 3x12 variable powered day scope. The new scope is more rugged than the old 10x scope that has been used for over twenty years. The M-8541 has superior optics, providing better visibility at low light conditions (dawn or dusk). The variable magnifications enables the sniper to use a wider view to spot a target, then go for the narrower, but more magnified, view to get the shot. The variable magnification also provides an easier- to- use view at closer ranges. The new scope weighs the same as the old one, despite all the new features. The M-8541 also uses regular AA batteries, making resupply easier. Marine snipers in Iraq began receiving the new scopes last fall.




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