Weapons: AK-47s For Those Who Really Care


May 8, 2006: The war on terror has led to many Western soldiers using weapons that fire the Russian 7.62x39mm "Short" (AK-47) round. This is the most common ammo found in most combat zones, and Western commandoes often prefer to use the AK-47 ammo (so that when they fire, the enemy will not be able to focus in on the sound of "foreign" weapons). Many Western security troops in Iraq also prefer to use the AK-47 ammo. But in both situations, the troops don't like using the Russian made, or designed, assault rifles and machine-guns that normally fire this ammo. That's because Western troops have become accustomed to adding useful sights, lasers and other accessories to their weapons. Western assault rifles now come with rails on top, so that you can quickly install these useful items. Now companies are coming out with weapons that fire the Russian ammo, and have the rails for the accessories. These are basically high quality AK-47s, with rail systems added. The basic AK-47/AKM design is pretty reliable as it is. But taking one of these weapons and replacing any parts that would benefit from an upgrade, then adding the rail systems and other useful touches, produces a very popular item. These weapons end up costing more than twice as much as an unmodified AK-47, but when your life is at stake, and you have the money, you buy the high price spread.




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