Weapons: China Steals Another Russian Success


September 8, 2012: China is replacing its Type 210 100mm cannon used on its destroyers (and smaller ship classes as well) with a locally developed PJ-38 130mm gun. The Type 210 is actually a licensed version of the French Compact 100mm naval gun (a 19 ton automatic system with a 17 kilometers range and able to fire 78 rounds a minute). China modified this weapon to fire laser guided ammo as well as unguided ammo, at a rate of up to 90 rounds a minute. An updated Type 210, the H/PJ87 did not work out well, having reliability problems.

The new 130mm appears to borrow much from the Russian naval guns, like the AK-130 130mm automated naval gun. The new Chinese 130mm gun first appeared in the new Type 52D destroyer. The 130mm turret weighs at least 50 tons and the gun has a range of 29.5 kilometers and a max rate of fire of 40 rounds a minute. Laser guided rounds can be fired but mostly the weapon fires the usual unguided shells.





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