Winning Article Archive 2008


The Big War You Never Hear Much AboutA Trillion Dollars Ain't What It Used To BeTaliban Victory Slip Sliding Away
The Mercenary Bodyguard IndexAl Qaeda Score CardTurkey And Iran Defeat The Kurds
Iraqi Al Qaeda DevolvesEveryone Loves A WinnerReally, Really Trusting Iraqis
Lessons Of IraqBlood Bath In Afghanistan Down But Not Out In Saudi Arabia
The Gang That Can't Kill StraightHidden Victories In GeorgiaThe Empire Struggles Back
Victories For SaleMaking The Most Of Dead CiviliansVictory As A Matter Of Opinion
Sudan Takes On The WorldTo The Victor Goes The Traffic JamAl Qaeda Seeks A Miracle
After The War Is OverThe Israeli Factor In IraqThe Secret Weapon Is Precision
China Pushes and ShovesBattered Baluchis Battle OnAl Qaeda Leader Punked
Bad Boys Make Better SoldiersWho Is Hot And Who Is NotAnother Loss For Islamic Terrorism
FARC Gets FARCedPakistan Turns On Its Islamic RadicalsHow Al Qaeda Lost Pakistan
Why the Surge Worked



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