Afghanistan Article Archive 2010


Behaving Badly And Getting CaughtCan't Have ThatThe Rules
The Taliban Parasites Fight To The DeathWhen The Myth Hits Reality, Reality WinsTaliban Seek A Way Out
The System Please Let Us Steal In PeaceConflict Of Interest
Decline And FungusLet Us Steal In PeaceOnce More The Taliban Fail To Halt National Elections
Taliban Terror And TribulationsThe Price Of VictoryShortsighted And Violent Is The Afghan Way
BackfireForeign Troop Casualties Decline In JulyThe Enemies Within
The Evil Eight PercentersEverything Is For SaleA Terrifying Relationship
Kill The BastardsCan't Win, Won't GoWho, Or What, Do You Trust?
It's Summertime, And The Killing Is EasyPutting On A ShowToxic Friendly Advice
A Shortage Of Solutions What Makes The Taliban Terrorists Feel BetterThe Taliban Really Need A Win Here
Taliban FrustrationsSomething Has Got To GiveThe Betting Line
It Gets WorseTaliban Backed Into A CornerPlaying By The Traditional Rules
A War Of IllusionsTaliban Defeat The DutchFighting By Taliban Rules And Winning
Come, Let Us Steal TogetherArmed And Ready To RumbleAngry Young Men With Guns
The Good Old Days Are Really GoneA Plague Upon The Land



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