Afghanistan Article Archive 2008


Everyone Plays The TalibanTwo More Years Of Magic Will Do ItGo To Heroin Country And Die
March To The Sound Of The GunsMundane Matters The Media MissesThe Taliban Win One
The Last Straw"It's Business"Paid and Played
It Can Be DoneChangesWelcome To The Future
Players You Don't Hear AboutThe Land Of A Thousand ScamsHidden Battles And Secret Victories
Scary Monsters Last Man StandingFamily Values
The ArrangementThe Real Enemy Stays In The ShadowsThe New Taliban Tactics Have a Catch
The Trouble With PakistanThe Civil War That Time RememberedThe Taliban Have A Plan That Sucks
Taliban Stumble and FailThe Easy Way OutThis Is Insane, But Normal
Bad Guys Battle Bad NumbersTaliban Moving At Half Speed This YearThe Taliban Plays Defense This Year
New Terror Tactics For a New YearAl Qaeda Replacing the TalibanLooking For A Fair Loss
Another Suicidal Spring OffensiveThe Taliban Turn Too ToughYou Got To Get Paid
Yankee Magic Terrorizes TalibanReinforcing FailureThe Europeans Have Other Priorities
The Winter Of Much DiscontentPunishing the SinnersSex, Drugs and Suicide Bombs
Two Wars, One EnemyCrises In Taliban Land



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