Afghanistan: October 20, 2001


The US has now admitted what has been going on for a long time; American soldiers and supplies in the Northern Alliance territory. None of the weapons or equipment being delivered has "made in the USA" on it, in order to keep Pakistan happy. Food, ammunition, building materials and weapons can be obtained in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan or elsewhere to the north with American dollars and quickly moved into Afghanistan. There are trucking companies that have their own armed guards and, on regular routes, deals with the local gunmen to pay a "tax" for safe passage. Uzbekistan will open it's border (a bridge over a river) with Afghanistan as soon as the Taliban have been cleared from the Afghan side. American bombers, 20-30 a day, continue to attack Afghanistan. Individual tanks and anti-aircraft guns are now being attacked, as well as Taliban troops in northern Afghanistan.  

There is increasing Taliban hostility towards foreign aid organizations. Most of these outfits have evacuated their non-Afghan staff. But now the Afghan staff are being assaulted and aid group facilities and equipment (especially trucks) are being stolen. This is happening throughout Taliban controlled territory. Some of the stolen vehicles being used by senior Taliban officials to flee to Pakistan (or send their families there.)




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