Afghanistan: January 31, 2002


Canada is sending a battle group of 750 troops to join the US Brigade at Kandahar. The Canadian battalion will participate in combat operations against residual Taliban and al Qaeda forces, airport security, mine clearance, "sensitive site exploration", and humanitarian support operations.--Stephen V Cole

Hamid Karzai, interim Afghanistan leader, has asked for a larger peacekeeping force so that troops can be sent to all parts of the country, not just Kabul. Karzai wants foreign muscle available to stop frisky warlords from acting up. There is already been problems with this, and today at least 40 were killed in eastern Afghanistan as two warlord militias fought for control of the town of Gardez. The two factions here represent pro-Pushtun and pro-Northern Alliance leaders.

Stories of the treatment al Qaeda and Taliban prisoners are receiving in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba has reached Taliban prisoners held in Afghan prisons. Western reporters are hearing these prisoners calling out to be sent to the American prison. 




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