Afghanistan: April 21, 2002


The interim government is again calling for more foreign peacekeepers. The main problem is that warlords and well armed tribes throughout the country are increasingly doing whatever they like. This often involves condoning criminal activity by the warlord's armed followers. Over two decades of war has produced a generation of young men who know nothing but war and the law of the gun. In the past, tribal elders and rules kept the young lads in check. No more, and it will take armed force from the national government (either Afghans, foreigners or tribal troops) to confront the dozens of lawless warlords in need of attitude adjustment.

Coalition and Afghan troops searching suspected al Qaeda caves in central and eastern continue to find caches of ammunition. Particularly surprising is the number of 107mm Russian rockets being found. These are an old design, but are portable and are increasingly being used for long range (a few kilometers) and inaccurate attacks on coalition bases.




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