Afghanistan: May 2, 2002


British Royal Marine Commandos are leading a force of a thousand (mostly British and Afghan) troops looking for Taliban and al Qaeda bases in southeastern Afghanistan. 

Someone fired two rockets at the airport in Khost in eastern Pakistan. 

Rival warlords in northern Afghanistan have agreed to set up a 600 man police force to maintain control over their own men, who tend to get into fights with each other and pillage local civilians. 

The interim government has had to provide armed escorts for UN convoys traveling between Kabul and towns in eastern Afghanistan. 

U.S. troops are also operating in eastern Afghanistan, searching for Taliban or al Qaeda bases. While the extensive intelligence resources of the allies can detect enemy troops out in the mountains, it cannot track them minute by minute. The enemy rely on caches of food and munitions to operate, and those caches can be found and destroyed.




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