Afghanistan: May 5, 2002


Al Qaeda and/or Taliban continue to make harassing attacks on allied troops in eastern Afghanistan. Three rockets were fired on Khost airport today and earlier in the week there have been "attacks" consisting of a few mortar shells or some gunfire. The Taliban have said that they will resort of guerilla warfare. But unlike the 1980s, when the Russians were the foreign invader, the current foreigners (Americans, Canadians, British and commandos from several countries) are much better trained and equipped, and, more importantly, have the active support of most of the Afghan people. How much all this will blunt, or stop, Taliban guerilla operations remains to be seen. In what passes for normal times, there is a certain amount of low level warfare in the Afghan countryside. This is not expected to change any time soon. 

Canadian troops are also moving through the mountains looking for enemy troops or bases.




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