Afghanistan: May 10, 2002


Allied forces in Afghanistan believe that they will not have to fight any more major battles like Tora Bora or Operation Anaconda. The local opposition (Taliban and al Qaeda) now realize they cannot deal with smart bombs and special forces. But raids and ambushes by guerillas may become more common. However, the enormous intelligence gathering effort of the allies may make even guerilla operations too dangerous for the attackers. So far, the favorite method of attack is using a 42 pound, 107mm (4.21 inches) rocket. This weapon is 33 inches long and has a warhead containing three pounds of high explosive and a range of 6-8.5 kilometers. Normally, this rocket (currently manufactured by China and North Korea for export) is intended to be fired from multiple (12 rockets) cell launchers on trucks. But the 107mm rocket can be fired from an improvised launcher and has a good chance of hitting a target area 500 x 500 meters. It takes practice to obtain accuracy, but can get lucky if you fire these rockets at airbases (which has been happening a lot lately.). 




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