Afghanistan: December 1, 2002


  Warlords fighting a battle in western Iran (outside Herat), fired on some US troops. Up until then, at least two dozen had been killed over the weekend of shooting. After that, B-52s were called in, over a dozen bombs were dropped, an undetermined number of warlord troops were killed, and the firing on US troops stopped.  

Six bombs were found and defused in Kabul, and more hidden weapons were discovered. It is believed that former warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar is trying to work with the Taliban to form an armed opposition to the government.   Hekmatyar is thought to be in Pakistan, working with fellow Pushtuns who share his fundamentalist views. 

A car bomb went off in the southeast. The bomb apparently went off prematurely as it was being driven to a nearby American base.




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