Afghanistan: October 22, 2003


NATO peacekeepers report that more al Qaeda terrorists have sneaked into Kabul, because more of them are being found and arrested. Most Afghans want nothing to do with al Qaeda and this makes it difficult for the terrorists to remain undercover. Al Qaeda and similar organizations have succeeded in turning their suicidal attacks on infidels (non-Moslems) into a popular cause for young Moslems. The infidels are blamed for all the woes of the Moslem world, and a few young men per thousand are willing to take action. The corruption and unreliability that plague the Moslem world make it easy for these men to make their way to Afghanistan and Iraq and take part in suicide attacks. In the past, this kind of suicidal spirit would last for 5-10 years, before the kids realized they'd been had and stopped volunteering. 


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