Afghanistan: August 29, 2005


Apparently some al Qaeda groups have moved into Afghanistan, along with their weapons, terror tactics and lots of cash. Arab advisors (presumably al Qaeda) are reported in eastern Afghanistan. The Arabs are offering cash bounties for anyone killing American troops. Actually, these payments have increased some 50 percent over the last few months. Moreover, the people with the money are encouraging pro-Taliban Afghans to increase the use of kidnapping and murder as the means of influencing public opinion. The al Qaeda members are encouraging the use of tactics used in Iraq, like roadside bombs, and suicide bombs. The al Qaeda members include Arabs, Chechens, Pakistanis and some men from Central Asia. These are believed to be from the groups known to be hiding out in Pakistan, along the Afghan border. The Pakistani has been pursuing these terrorists for about a year, and has captured over a hundred of them. It appears that the Pakistani operations have forced some of the al Qaeda into Afghanistan, for Islamic terrorists do not have a lot of places to go. 




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