Air Weapons: Poland Upgrades Its F-16 Weapons


February 14, 2012: Poland is upgrading the armament of its 48 F-16 fighters by purchasing $447 million worth of American missiles and smart bombs. The deal includes 93 AIM-9X-2 Sidewinder Block II heat seeking air-to-air missiles, Sidewinder Air Training Missiles (with no warhead or rocket motor), 65 AIM-120C-7 radar guided air-to-air AMRAAM missiles, 42 GBU-49 227 kg (500 pound) Paveway II bombs (dual GPS/laser guidance), 200 JDAM dual GPS/laser guidance bomb kits, 127 MK-82 227 kg bombs, 642 BLU-111 bunker buster 227 kg bombs, 80 BLU-117 bunker buster 909 kg (2,000 pound) bombs and four MK-84 Inert 909 kg training bombs (each with a smoke spotting charge inert weights instead of explosives.) Several other items of bombing training equipment are included in the deal, as well as five years of support.





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