Air Weapons: September 26, 2003


Russia has apparently finished over a decade of development work on the Kh-101, it's long range (up to 5,000 kilometers) air launched cruise missile. The missile weighs 2.4 tons and has a 900 pound warhead. It has two modes of travel. At high altitude (40-50,000 feet) it can travel 5,000 kilometers and  hit to within 70 feet of its aiming point. Flying at 100-200 feet altitude, the missile can go 3,000 kilometers and hit to within 40 feet of its aim point. The missile uses multiple guidance systems (inertial, satellite signal, terrain following and pattern recognition for the last kilometer or so). The 200 Tu-160, Tu-22M and Tu-95 heavy bombers are being equipped to carry Kh-101s. It is not known if the Kh-101 will be offered for export. 




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