Intelligence: Trust And The Greedy Translator


March 28, 2009: The German Foreign Ministry recently had a former employee of theirs, who had worked in Kosovo, arrested for espionage. The suspect, who was not named (to protect his privacy), was accused of selling classified information to criminal gangs and foreign intelligence agencies. The suspect, a Macedonian of Albanian ancestry, was arrested in Germany. Another Macedonian Albanian was arrested for helping to transport the documents. The prime suspect had worked as a translator, and he faces ten years in jail if convicted. His associate faces a five year term.

Translators are a constant source of trouble when it comes to espionage. Most of these linguists are either locals, or naturalized citizens of the nation using them, and have family and social connections in the nation where they are serving. Kosovo has an additional problem in that is dominated by criminal gangs and a culture of corruption.




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