Information Warfare: Al Qaeda Telethon Appeals for Donations


May 28, 2007: Borrowing yet another technique from other non-profit organizations, al Qaeda has gone on television and appealed for donations. Pointing out that the organization has thousands of gunmen and suicide bombers on the payroll, and a severe cash shortage in Afghanistan, .the leader of al Qaeda forces in Afghanistan, Shiek Mustafa Abu al Yazid, made the plea recently on al Jazeera television.

Al Yazid also warned donors to only give cash to authorized representatives of al Qaeda. Apparently there have been others who have been collecting money for al Qaeda, money which never reached the organization. Apparently, in most Arab countries, and many non-Moslem majority nations, it's not too difficult to find an al Qaeda fund raiser. The only problem is determining if he's legit.

A video of the fund raising pitch, prepared with the help of the As Sahab Media Foundation, is now appearing on the Internet. As Sahab is the official media production arm of al Qaeda, insuring that the terrorist organization looks good on electronic media.




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