Information Warfare Article Archive 2009


China Wargames The FutureYet Another Reason Not To Trust The GovernmentCheap Thrills Make The Headlines
The Man UpstairsCreatures Of HabitSkyGrabber And The Curse Of Encryption
What Goes AroundMind Games In Afghanistan F-35 Tries To Keep Its Secrets
Cell Phones To Die ForThe Perils Of ParanoiaA Dialog With God
The Poison PhoneCaught In The Cookie JarThere's No Arguing On Matters Of Faith
You Nork Bastards Will Pay For ThisThe Taliban Air Force In The NewsChina Will Outsmart You
What Was Going On With The MediaNorth Korea SurfacesLiving The Lie
Hit The G Spot and Stream VideoShare And Share AlikeTalk Or Die
The U.S. Navy Cyber Warriors Step Up Outsmarting Smart BombsThe Wrath Of The Worm
Bring In Clever ChapsThe South Asian Cyber War ThreatBing The Avenger Ravages South China
Pentagon Profiles Reporters To Save LivesThe Pentagon War On TwitterChinese Enforcers Press Oz
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Online)Those Amazing Su-27 PicturesChinese Bandits Can't Be Touched
The Official VersionThe Mysterious Matriculates of Mirim and MoranbongDisinformation In Arabic
Just Don't Say It In EnglishThe Policeman Is Your TerroristThe Internet Is Tamed In China
Editorial MisjudgmentDo You Want To Play A Game?Her Majesties Little Criminals
God Versus The Internet South Korea Getting Hammered MoreOpen Source Goes To War
A Dish Of Your OwnTriumph Of The ShillTaliban Flee Chatter
Instant Hacker In A BoxThe FBI is Under AttackChina Outlaws Cyber Crime
ConnectThe Truth Will Get You In TroubleChina Turns Unix Into A Weapon
Islamic Terrorists Rap The Recruiting MessageThe Mirm College Alumni SocietyThe Lockdown
Military Mashups MatterMedia InfluenzaCops Cop Smart Phones In China
Royal Marines Fight SmarterThe Mighty Botmasters Of UkraineOld Gold
America The Poorly DefendedMore Scary MonstersWindows For Warriors
Dare To Be DifferentPress Freedom In IranThe Secret Menace
Ghost NetChina Has A Secret PlanA PAO That Mao Would Love
Being The Bad GuyMilitary Reporting Mutates MadlyCyber Warriors
Socially Engineered Super WeaponsThey Still Don't Like ItGuarding The Home Front
The Dead Babies StrategyCyberBullyThe American Standard
Israel And The Airborne Internet Inventing 21st Century WarfareEnlisting Freud's Nephew
Waiting For CybergeddonAn Unpleasant Reputation And Unsavory PastLies That Work
Atrocities On DemandHamas Steps On The Wrong ToesGaza Cell Phones Targeted



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