Information Warfare: The Official Version


July 27, 2009: Members of Fatah (the Palestinian political party that controls the West Bank) are now openly admitting what was long something of a secret; that Yasser Arafat, the founder of Fatah and the the Palestinian Authority, condemned Islamic terror (in English) by day, and then praised it, in Arabic, at night. This was never a secret inside Israel, where many Jews understand Arabic, and Palestinian radio and TV broadcasts can be received in Israel. But this curious duplicity was acknowledged by the Western media, who lapped up Arafat's daytime bromides, and ignored his hate filled Arab language speeches. The Palestinians still follow the Arafat formula; tell the West what they want to hear, and keep trying to destroy Israel.

The same pattern of willful ignorance by the Western media is still in play. Hamas (the Palestinian political party that controls Gaza) talks of "taking a breather" before resuming the fight to destroy Israel. Hamas officials also discuss, in Arabic only, the need to play nice with the Jews for the moment, and continue the terror war against them later, when Hamas strength is restored.





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