Information Warfare: Triumph Of The Shill


June 2, 2009: Chinese movie director Zhang Yimou has been brought in to create a suitable celebration ceremony for the 60th anniversary of the founding of communist China. Zhang has quite a track record in this area, having designed the opening ceremonies for last years Olympics, which were held in China. Zhang's list of movies ("Raise the Red Lantern", "Hero" and "House of Flying Daggers,") is also impressive.

The use of professional stage directors to organize political events is nothing new. Some governments used them in the 19th century, but they became big time when German dictator Adolf Hitler had a movie director orchestrate some of his political rallies, and film them as well. Throughout the 20th century, more politicians brought in stage and movie directors to spiff up their public events. So whether you're selling Nazism, communism or some other political party, you want to make sure you deliver an effective message.




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