Information Warfare: Stealthy China Probes Alarmed India


May 10,2008: Indian government and military Internet security officials have been comparing notes, and have raised the alarm about Internet based attacks, and suspicious activity, coming from China. Particularly worrying is the probing of India's Internet infrastructure. This is a sign that China is mapping the Indian Internet, a necessary prerequisite to taking it down in wartime, or tampering with it in peacetime.

Indian security experts are also alarmed by the Internet based attacks on Estonian business and government targets last year. Russia denied any responsibility, but the attacks did come from Russia, and they were successful. It's these "undeclared war" attacks that are particularly worrying. It means a rather damaging Internet conflict could take place, as an undeclared war. As a result, there are proposals to shore up defenses, and develop some offensive capability.

The government has been reluctant to proceed, fearful of spoiling the improving relations with China. Moreover, much of the Internet mischief coming out of China is, by general acknowledgment, just criminals out to steal. But Internet security experts insist that, hidden among all the criminal operations, is military activity, that is setting India up to take a fall in any future Cyber War. For the moment, the diplomats have more influence than the Cyber Warriors.




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