Information Warfare: America Has A War Plan


July 20, 2011:  The United States has developed a new strategy for Cyber War, and hopes that it will enable America to better deal with Internet-based espionage from China (and others), as well as potential Cyber War itself. The first goal is to get the armed serves to regard cyberspace as another domain (as land, sea, air and space are now). With that change in attitude, the services and the Department of Defense can better create troops, units and equipment to cope with this new domain.

The Department of Defense will continue to fund research to improve America's Internet defenses. This is an area that is constantly behind the methods developed by those who attack via the Internet. The Department of Defense also seeks to unite all U.S. government agencies in establishing standards and common defense measures. Also important is the need to create better cooperation with American business Internet users, as well as American allies. This requires a lot of diplomacy and technical ingenuity.

Finally, the Department of Defense wants to get more out of the fact that most of the world's Internet technology and talent is in the United States. Using volunteer organizations and easier ways to find, enable and use this tech and talent is seen as a potentially decisive edge in building Internet defenses, and Cyber War weapons.




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