Information Warfare: Staying Out Of Jail While Working Beyond The Law


June 8, 2013: Hacking (the illegal kind) is increasingly becoming legitimate. Hackers skilled at breaking into networks and computers have always had employment opportunities at computer security firms and, increasingly, with police agencies. There’s also a growing demand for hackers in “BI” (Business Intelligence, otherwise known as corporate espionage). This activity is not publicized because it is often illegal. But when the call goes out to get the information by any means necessary, it often means paying hackers a lot of money to do the job and risk going to jail.

In the West obtaining the services of a criminal hacker is itself risky but the hackers-for-hire business is legitimate in some places. This is most often seen in China, where computer security firms that specialize in hacking openly advertise their services at trade shows. These firms like to work for police agencies but make it clear they are open to any well-paid offer. In the United States similar firms exist but tend to be more low-key and rely on government contracts to stay out of jail while working beyond what the law allows.





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