Leadership Article Archive 2009


Pummeling ProvincialismWould You Trust A Russian Shipyard?Germans Make War Over War
Zombies Put To PastureSacrifices Must Be MadeThe Boss Is An Idiot And Is Getting Us Killed
Another Big OneRussian Air Force Slims Down And Shapes UpWhere "Good Enough" Can Get You Killed
Reading, Riting, Then RiflesLeading With A LaptopIndia Seeks Advice From A Special Friend
Iran And The Bad PlanThe U.S. Navy Builds An MMOGThe Red Army Turns Pro
Taiwan Arms Itself Despite Chinese PressureRussia Goes For The GoldThe South African Air Force Fades Away
The Luftwaffe Steps BackTearing Apart The RAFFemale Fighter Pilots Forbidden
Selling SecurityCan't Get Enough UAV Operators The Best of Frenemies
Another SAC SackStrangers No MoreNothing Is Safe Anymore
Loss Of ConfidenceVotes That KillNATO Builds Down
Grounded For Good ReasonBritish Army Sinks The Navy And Grounds The Air ForceThe Impossible Dream In Afghanistan
This Indian Land Is Chinese Land Keeping The Customers HappyIran Is Costing Israel More Money
Why So Many Damn Officers?We Want The Future, And We Want It NowDeath To Auditors
MiG Manufacturer Worth PenniesQuota BluesAfter 600 Years…
Getting Out Of IraqPeace In Our TimeThe Message In Afghanistan
Russia Does It Right This TimeBuying Defense Against IranThe Grand Illusions
General Skrzypczak Takes One For The TroopsSergeant Bilko Gets The ShaftThe Return Of The Flying Chiefs
Why Iraqis Still Fight Like ArabsThick As ThievesWhy Four Is An Unlucky Number In China
Russian Thieves Target MiG-31sRussians Again Hustle Indians For More Money Lighting Up Lebanon
The Vertical ChopOut, Damned SproutThe Change
Iraqi Air Force Faces A CrisesIsraeli Air Force Gives It UpGerman Tanks And Infantry Attack In The East
Russia Dumps Quality In Favor Of MediocrityOut Of Unity Comes StrengthUSAF Brass Take A Stand For Sanity
Iraqi Sergeants Step UpRussian Officers Turning Into BanditsContractors Gone Wild
You Can't Make This Stuff UpSpeed And Flexibility As WeaponsWhen Two Are Cheaper Than One
German Troops Allowed To FightFinland RearmsBattlefield Promotions Forever
Iraqi, Good EnoughFinland RearmsFade To Black
The King CommandsWho You Can CALLIsrael Seeks Old Soldiers
New Ideas You Won't Choke OnWeld Woes WidenSouth Korea Plans To Invade The North
Death To The F-35Fool BritanniaThe Counterfeiting King of North Korea
Do The Blitz Kings Still Have It?The U.S. Navy Comes Apart At The SeamsPaying For Pakistan's Pushtun Problem
India Turns Away From PakistanWeaponizing Women And ChildrenTroubles With Too Many Troops
Tracking The MayhemGeneral Arnold's Sad LegacyThe New Russian Plan For World Domination
Fighter Pilots Fading AwayStoned Sailors Threaten Fleet SafetySpeaking French Can Get You Killed
New Boss In Afghanistan Defense Spending Shrinks WorldwideIsland In The Sun
Encouraging Bright IdeasThank You And Good ByeThe Thousand Year War
Bullets, Pills, And Clean WaterDoing More With LessHamas Aims To Look Sharp
Starved Soldiers Serve Queen And CountryTerrorists Cripple The CIAFighting In A Fishbowl
Who Won The 60 Year War?Planning For Gaza IIHow To Buy Loyalty In Venezuela
Arabs Who Hate Israel LessBuilding Better NCOs In Afghanistan Egypt Legalizes Corruption
The Lessons Of Gaza And Iraq China Loots Wreckage Of The EmpireBalkan Bandits Are Back
Where The Magic Comes FromChasing HeadlinesLet's Kill All The Jews
Deferred SalvationSpeedy Knowledge As A WeaponThe Iranian Air Mirage
Israeli Religious FanaticsColonel Bligh Gets Busted Know When You Are
A Trillion Here, A Trillion ThereRussia Rushes To Save Failing Defense FirmsWhy Egypt Won't Mess With The Bedouins
Nuclear PressureHow Iraqis Screw Things UpCrash Course In Coping With Corruption
The Secrets Of Going From Iraq To Afghanistan Living On Cold War LeftoversGeorgia On My Mind
NATO Follows The MoneyFirst Shirts Get The ShaftSecrets For Sale To The Highest Bidder
Israeli Air Force Learns From Its MistakesDone In By Its Own SuccessReviving The Red Army At All Costs
Swedes Downsize Into PeacekeepersThe General Has To Get PaidThe Afghan West Point
The Chinese Plan For World DominationAim For The Red CrossChina Decides To Wait And Play Nice
Digital Maps And The War In GazaWomens' WorkLearning To Be A Switch Hitter
Choices In Gaza



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