Leadership: August 13, 1999



Pentagon brass are already drawing up lists of demands to be presented to the next president to correct the excessive cuts of the Clinton Administration. Included are plans for more ships, planes, and soldiers, as well as more money for maintenance and efforts to retain trained soldiers past their first tours. --Stephen V Cole

IS NATO BECOMING EXPANSIONIST? Recent trends within NATO have raised serious questions around the world on the extent to which its new interventionist doctrine (seen in Yugoslavia) will be applied. The scope of such a policy goes far beyond NATO. Recent NATO documents have included Ukraine and the Baltic states within NATO's sphere of concern, and other NATO documents have spoken of everything from "Morocco to the Indian Ocean" as being of concern to NATO.

And just about any reason will do for an intervention. Recent NATO documents have listed the following as examples (not an exhaustive list) of reasons why NATO might intervene:

  • ethnic and religious rivalries
  • territorial disputesinadequate or failed efforts by a government to implement reforms
  • abuse of human rights acts of
  • terrorism, sabotage, and organized crime a government fails to control
  • disruption of the flow of vital resources
  • uncontrolled mass movement of people
  • attempts to acquire weapons of mass destruction or the means to deliver them
--Stephen V Cole



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