Leadership: February 24, 2004


The army has, unofficially, decided to finally get rid of the 1950s era green "Class A" uniform. This outfit was disliked from the beginning because troops thought it made them look like bus drivers. The proposed replacement is the current army dress uniform, "the dress blues." This uniform is derived from the uniform worn during the American Civil War, but with a wide gold strip on the trousers and a white shirt and tie worn underneath the jacket. The current plan is to eliminate the gold stripe and have a different color shirt (light khaki or blue). Combat troops will probably demand that a belt be added (which is currently worn with the dress blues by honor guard troops). Others will complain that using the dress blues as the class A uniform will make army troops look too much like marines. Then again, soldiers have long been envious of the more military looking marine dress uniform. The army dress blues were never very popular. What the army ought to try is going to the fashion designers (who specialize in stuff for the young crowd) and solicit proposals and let the troops vote. That's always a possibility, and no one will miss the green Class As. 




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