Leadership: July 31, 2004


In another effort to show how serious it is about physical fitness, the U.S. Air Force will no longer give separation pay to personnel who fail to meet the physical fitness standards. These fitness standards are not terribly high, involving finishing a 1.5 mile run, a certain number of push-ups and crunches and having the right size waist. The standards vary depending on age, gender and medical conditions. Not watching your weight or exercising regularly is not considered a medical condition. A lot of air force jobs are basically office jobs, where its easy to put on the pounds and get out of shape. 

Separation pay is awarded to those who are laid off because their services are no longer required. Yes, even the military has layoffs. They call it involuntary separation, and the special pay is given to those who would qualify for an honorable discharge, and are qualified to be promoted, if there were still jobs they could be promoted to. Separation pay is calculated taking into account rank and years of service. It varies from $11,000-86,000 for enlisted personnel, and $21,000-111,000 for officers.  Currently, the air force and navy are undergoing layoffs. 




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