Leadership: October 7, 2004


One of the many types of special pay military personnel can receive for particularly dangerous or stressful jobs is Command Responsibility Pay (CRP). The United States armed forces are allowed to give this additional monthly pay to up to ten percent of the majors ($50 a month), lieutenant colonels ($100) and colonels ($150) in command positions. Usually, this pay is given to battalion and brigade commanders in overseas hotspots, or those getting units ready to take on a tough assignment. Recently, however, the United States Air Force found that it had been too liberal in awarding CRP, and starting this month, about a third of the officers receiving this extra payment, will stop getting it. In the future, the air force will only consider officers for CRP if they getting ready to move to a combat zone, have a really unique or critical job, or have been overseas for a year or more in a critical job.




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