Leadership: December 23, 2004


The U.S. Army is reorganizing its helicopter brigades,  along with all its other combat brigades. The new helicopter brigades are called MFABs (Multi-Function Aviation Brigades), and there will be 19 of them. These come in several different flavors. The eight heavy MFABs (two in the reserves) will each have 48 AH-64 gunships, 50 UH-60 Blackhawks, and 12 CH-47 transports. Three medium MFABs will each have 24 AH-64s, 30 OH-58s, 50 UH-60s and 12 CH-47s. Two light MFABs will each have 30 OH-58s, 50 UH-60s and 12 CF-47s. Six Aviation Exploitation Brigades (all in the reserves), will each have 16 AH-64s, 24 OH-58s, 50 UH-60s and 12 CH-47s. These new brigades are being formed now from existing aviation units. 




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