Leadership: The Kinder and Gentler Police State


October 17, 2006: In Cuba, Temporary-President-For-Life Raul Castro has been cracking down even harder, than Fidel did in his last anti-dissident campaign. This may indicate that Raul is strengthening his control toward the day Field croaks, but it may also simply Raul being Raul. Unlike Fidel, who was a genuine "people-person," Raul is more of a workaholic perfectionist. As a detail guy, Raul has always demanded obedience, or else. While the military and security forces are accustomed to this kind of discipline, the general population is not. This is why so many Cubans (both in Cuba, and in exile) fear an explosion of violence as Raul "cracks down" on "disobedience." Fidel ran a kinder and gentler police state, Raul will offer the real thing, and Cubans indicate they won't tolerate it.




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