Leadership: Venezuela Has a Plan


May 25, 2007: What is currently unfolding in Venezuela is yet another populist leftist leader taking his nation down the path of false hopes and economic destruction. It's a sad tale, that has been repeated many times in the last century. President Hugo Chavez has used a combination of corruption, confiscation, unfulfilled promises and terror to stay in power. But even with high oil prices, Chavez has to be careful. Corruption tends to "grow" and everyone dipping into the pie wants a little more with each dip. So even if the oil price remains high, the amount of goodies trickling down to his constituents at the bottom is in danger of completely drying up, which would be bad news for his popularity. That's why Chavez is taking a cue from Fidel Castro, and trying to make the United States appear as the implacable enemy of Venezuela. This provides Chavez with the cover he needs to create a police state. By taking over the mass media, and forming a new army (whose main loyalty is to Chavez, not Venezuela), the people hear no contrary messages, and have no way to threaten the new president-for-life.




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