Naval Air: April 7, 2004


B-52 bombers assigned to American bases on the Pacific island of Guam have had their training for naval warfare operations intensified. B-52s have long been equipped to drop naval mines, but when stationed at Guam, they actually practice doing it. The B-52s also practice coordinating their operations with carrier and amphibious task forces. Because the B-52s can carry dozens of smart bombs, they would be available to provide additional firepower for marines put ashore in some unforeseen hotspot. The carriers haul a limited number of bombs, while the B-52s can fly to any location in the Pacific, and then back to Guam to re-arm from large weapons stockpiles kept there. The normal 8.5 hour B-52 training missions includes two hours of practicing in-flight refueling, dropping live bombs and practicing low level flight (to get under enemy radars.)




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