Peacekeeping: Women's Work


September 17, 2006: India has formed the first all-female police unit for peacekeeping. India has had female police officers for decades, and peacekeeping commanders have long noted that the presence of female police would be a big advantage. That's because, in many parts of the world, the women are more willing to discuss important information with a female peacekeeper, than a male one. Moreover, women tend to be victimized by the violence more than the men. In these areas, the women are already familiar with the concept of female cops, thanks to the availability of cheap (pirated) tapes and CDs of Western TV shows and movies. The female police company will have 125 female cops, who will have received peacekeeping training. This includes the use of assault rifles and riot control. All of these policewomen have at least several years experience in India. Their first assignment will be Liberia.




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