Afghanistan: June 19, 2002


Hamid Karzia, the provisional leader of Afghanistan, was sworn in as the president of Afghanistan after being elected by the Loya Jirga. 

Britain announced that it will withdraw 1,700 troops from Afghanistan by the middle of August. 

American and British troops continue to raid villages and fortified compounds out in the countryside, searching for al Qaeda and Taliban. American intelligence has been working 24/7 since last year to keep track of al Qaeda and Taliban members inside Afghanistan. But the enemy travel in small groups and move often. Several hundred people have been arrested, but it's hard work, and hostile tribesmen are prone to greet the troops with a little gunfire before bowing to superior firepower and allowing their homes and lands to be searched.

In the eastern city of Khost, exasperated merchants and tribal leaders, upset over continuing lawlessness that has left at least a hundred people dead or wounded in the last few months, are forming a tribal police. Some 600 young tribesmen are being trained to act as police. The merchants will come up with the money to pay for the tribal police. 




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