Warplanes: Turks Get The Premium Model


October 31, 2009: South Korea has completed development of the KT-1T version of its KT-1 flight trainer. This model has a pressurized cockpit, high tech (flat screens and all) controls and an oxygen generating system. Turkey is buying 55 of these basic aircraft trainers, for $910,000 each. The 2.5 ton aircraft has a turbo-prop engine and a maximum speed of up to 574 kilometers per hour. The KT-1 has two seats, can fly up to 35,000 feet and stay in the air for five hours per sortie. Max range is about 1,700 kilometers.

The KO-1 version of the aircraft is used as a spotter aircraft by the Korean army and air force. The aircraft can also be equipped with a machine-gun pod, as well as up to half a ton of bombs and rockets. Six years ago, South Korea sold ten KT-1s to Indonesia. The advanced features, and low price, of the KT-1T version make it a very attractive package.





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