Warplanes Article Archive 2006


More Magic Eyes for the NavyMarines Drop Dragon Eye for Raven BActive Apaches in Afghanistan
A Russian Warplane That Is Best in ClassUAV Operators Headed for ExtinctionWhy Combat Training Has Changed So Much
Britain Creates Robotic WingmenRafale Shot Down by Mirage F1 RefurbsHow The Harrier Holds Its Own
Bombers Replace Artillery in AfghanistanBorn to be a TargetUSAF Plays Games
The Hobbit Air ForceA Day In the Life Video Game Interface for UAVs
Japan Turns South Russians Stumble Into Japanese Air Space Why Buy Russian?
The Dutch Get Chinook Fever Russian UAVs Lack PersistenceUSAF's Desperate Solution for High Fuel Prices
Hizbollah's New Cruise Missiles MiG-21 Still in Production Russian Heavy Bombers Back In Business
Russia Cuts Back on Fifth Generation China's J10C Ground Attack Aircraft Gulfstream Goes to War
Beyond Stealth in the F-22 UAVs Can Now Do In-Flight Refueling Air and Submarine Launched UAVs
Iran's Fantasy Fighter Hybrid Engine Brings Silent Death Su-25 Forever
UAVs Searching JunglesFly The Wild Skies, And Look The Other Way Flying Fuel Cells
Death From Above Diminished in LebanonRussia Goes For the Fifth Generation, AgainA-10 Forever
The Pilotless F-35 Project How To Overwork UAV Operators Hizbollah Cruise Missiles Shot Down
New Black Hawk Standard Model Raven Rules Iranian UAVs Over Israel
F-22 Struts Its Stuff Britain Builds Watchkeeper East Asia's Own
Canadians Love Their French UAVs The Global-Hawk-Lite Competition The Children of Comanche
F-35 Versus European Competition Fireproofing Fliers Unexpected Consequences of UAVs
Incident in a Small Town British Apache Comes Through Rafale Arrives A Decade Late
Canberra Ends 55 Years of Service New U-2 Comes Into View Bigger Brains To Make UAVs Competitive
Global Hawks Put On Hold China's Two AWACS Projects Predator's "Magic Light"
Smart Bombs Force Change in Tactics on the Ground Super Helmet for Eurofighter China Goes Top Gun
FAA Puts a Leash on Predator Barracuda Hunts for Global Hawk U-2 Holds Off Global Hawk
F-35's Untried and Expensive Technology Chinese Turning Badgers into Carrier Killers Combat Operations in Afghanistan
New Chinese F-16/MiG-29 Competitor European Micro-UAVs in Combat India's Zombie Jet Fighter
UAVs That Flit The Gripen Grabs the Best of Both Worlds The Most User Friendly Fighter Bomber Ever Built
Europe Develops Robotic WarplanesArmy and USAF Share Son of Predator Night Hawk Finally Finds a Home at Home
F-35B Melts Temporary Airfields Iraq Loves Its Russian Mi-17 Helicopters China Rules the Bargain Basement
Fighters Turned Into Expensive UAVs Why the Vark Has to Stay DeadThe TacAir Empire Strikes Back
Predators Busy Little Brother German KZO UAV Goes to War The Revolution Continues Up There
Not Your Grandfathers Fighter Cockpit Global Hawk Leaves Beta Japanese Civilian UAVs in China
Iran's Ramshackle Air Force Pilots Surrender to UAVs U-2 Replaced by Global Hawk
How to Train With Live Missiles



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