Warplanes Article Archive 2013


The Mysterious Copy Hawk Lands In ChinaFrance Gets Its Reapers And Puts Them To WorkThe Cylon F-4 Fleet Is Complete
Jordan Gets A PairThe Chinese UAV Pipeline To PakistanJapanese Defend Their Air Space
The Constant ContenderFailure Is Not An OptionThe Part Time Praetorian
Turkey Does Not Give Up On GunshipsZombie Gunship Tastes Combat For The First TimeTurning Aircrew Into Shift Workers
Russia Supports (Just Barely) Heavy BombersChina Unleashes UAVs Against JapanThe F-22 Quick Reaction Force
Robots Are ScaryChina Seeks Export Orders For Its Predator CloneThe Heavy Bomber Fades Away
Smart Bombs Keep B-52s In BusinessGhostrider Comes TogetherThe Race For Robotic Supremacy
The Royal Reapers Roll OnThe 5th Generation Is CursedWatchkeeper Versus Reaper
The Death And Resurrection of Global HawkThe Pilotless F-16SOCOM Hustles InstaGunship Into Service
Old, Effective And AffordableIt Just WorksRussia Joins the UCAV Race
Russia Gets The Gunship RevolutionBoth Chinese Stealth Designs Move ForwardIran Revives The Gift From Saddam
New, Improved MQ-1CTu-160 Put On HoldThe Innovators Of Arabia
Russia Submits To The Power Of Mighty OBOGU.S. Army Scales Back Plans For Large UAVsThis Really Makes Your Blood Boil
Why Pilots Prefer The F-35Finding The Sweet SpotsThe Unreported Revolution In Air Combat
China Targets American and Israeli UAVsYet More New Arrival Dates For The F-35France Rallies Around Reaper
Harrier Rescues The F-35BIran Scores Another Aviation BreakthroughYou Know The War Is Over When. . .
MiG-21 Production Finally EndsA-10s Move OnTurkish UAV Exports
Rafale Fades Some MoreAnother Old Warrior Too Good To ReplaceMuch Delayed Apaches For South Korea
Teething Troubles For TigerBritish Reapers Can Now Call HomeThe Day Of The Droids Is Fast Approaching
Why Super Tucano Is SuperMore Mercenary Su-25s Slip Into AfricaIndia And The Tejas Tragedy
The Air War Over JapanF-16s Step Up For Tardy F-35RAF Droid Drivers Become Legit
F-35 Costs Driving Away BuyersTiny Spylite Does ChileEvolutionary Deathmatch
Turks Order Turkish Made UAVsIranian F-4s Are Shy And RetiringYet Another Predator Competitor
China Will Not QuitNothing But The Very Ancient For IndiaU.S. Army UAVs Frozen In Time
The Hammerhead And EvolutionThe WireWhy Pilatus PC 7s Keep Selling
Weaponless Predators Sold To Arab StatesThe High Cost Of Being ArabNo One Expects The Black Hornet
India Builds A Helicopter GunshipThe Air Force Loses Control Of The Lower AltitudesGreen Light For the Super-Gripen
F-35 Delays Mean More Money For F-15sCalamitous Kaveri CancelledPaint It Black
Italian Predators Pushed To The LimitRussia Finally Becomes An Su-30 PlayerChinese Ejection Seats
UAVs Are Still The FutureChina Goes All In With The Z-10China Celebrates Another Grand Theft



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