Warplanes Article Archive 1999


The Patroller UAVSouth Korea Ends Its Missile RestraintUAVs As Communications Relays
Dominator Chases Sky WarriorSouth Korea Joins The ClubCheetal Replaces Cheetah
Britain Promises To Fix Its Helicopter MessRobowarriors Outnumber Fighter JocksSecret Weapon In Short Supply
F-22 Has A Fatal Skin DiseaseKiller Kfirs For ColombiaThe Predator Brigade
The F-22 Mud FighterGlobal SquawkIt Ain't Heavy, It's My HMDS
Harrier Pulls Out Of Afghanistan Israeli Pilots Die To LearnForeign Fighter Pilots Over America
Israelis Shoot Down Chinese AircraftTweet In The TwilightChina Develops An EA-6
Working Their Curly Tails OffTigers Follow ApachesSon Of Huey Goes To War
European Robotic JetsTop Gun For RobotsChina Beats The Embargo
Armed Crop Dusters Go To WarWhy Won't This Damned Thing WorkThe Predator Substitute Of Choice
Malaysia Dumps Its MiG-29sIran Reinvents KiowaThe Squadron Commander Is A Lady
Israeli Air Force Rebuilds ItselfWindows For WarplanesA Tough Act To Follow
The Great Gunship ShortageMiG-29s Over IsraelMarines Develop Temp Gunship
Coping With Old AgeSpecial Flight Suits For The F-35War Games with Expensive Toys
The Great Global Hawk ShortageAnything GoesRecruiting Apache Scouts
Floating On The Winds Of IndifferenceUSAF Reconsiders The SpadFrankenfighter Menaces USN Aircraft
Jet Powered Predator C RevealedA Tale Of Two TurkeysThe Great Raven Giveaway
The Stealthy F-15 Battles The F-35Manned UAVsAmerican UFO Spotted In Afghanistan
The Secret Predator Blasts OffRussia Buys A Bunch Of Israeli UAVsA Fair Test For The MiG-29
Chinese Warplanes Over AfricaChinese Women Become Fighter PilotsMarines Invent The Instant Gunship
The Skunk Works And The Sweet SpotIsraeli Robots Roam The Red SeaZombie Bomber Rises Again
Old, Reliable, And All We GotThe Painful Sounds Of ProgressIranian Aircraft Down In Flames Over Iraq
China Builds A Better FighterIgnorance Makes The F-22 DeadlierVideogames In The F-22 Cockpit
The Rot WithinStealing The SkyPakistani Robots Speak Chinese and Italian
The U.S. Army Air Force Quietly ReappearsCousins Compete For Trainer SalesIsrael Gets Longbow Religion
Skyhawk Sticks AroundRecord Breaking HogsPredators Surge As Well
Canada Rules The Night AirForeigners Get The Best StuffThe C-47 Is Still At War
Not Ready For Prime Time, YetHezbollah Round 2F-22 Secrets Revealed
MiGs Are Crap And Are Fading AwayTipchak Trips ForwardArming A Jet Trainer
Pilots Cannot Kill ItHeavy Bombers Hit The Twilight ZoneFrance Sends Its UAV Best To Afghanistan
Dutch Ditch Sperwer For Mystery BirdF-16s Replacing Worn Out A-10sIsraeli Air Force Lessons Learned
China Demands More Targets



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