Warplanes: May 29, 2000


Romania has converted one of its MiG-29s to the new "Sniper" variant, using technology from DASA of Germany and Elbit of Israel. The prototype made its first flight on 5 May. Romania has 18 MiG-29s and wants to convert them all if the design meets its test goals. The upgrades include a new digital mission computer, digital communications, digital navigation, multifunction color displays, a radar warning receiver, and conversion of the controls to HOTAS technology. (HOTAS means "Hands on Throttle And Stick". In an aircraft so equipped, the pilot never has to take his left hand off of the throttles or his right hand off of the stick to fly the plane. All needed
controls are accessed through a series of buttons and switches on the throttle and stick which can be manipulated by the pilot's thumbs and forefingers.)--Stephen V Cole




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