Warplanes: March 1, 2004


: Sukhoi Aircraft in Chinese Service.  The following data is from Chinese language sources and shows the estimated number, location and assignment of Sukhoi warplanes in PLA (Peoples Liberation Army) service. The J-11 are Sukhoi-27 aircraft manufactured in China under license. 

Air DivisionMain BaseMRRegimentAircraftModel
First AnshanShenyangFirst26J-11
SixthYingchaunLanzhou16/18 or 13926J-11
18thChangsha Guangzhou54th26Su-30
19thZhengzhou Jinan55/56/or 5826Su-27
29thQuzhou Nanjing85/86 or 8726Su-27
33rdChongqing Chengdu97th38Su-27
6th NavalShanghai Dachang16 or 1718Su-30
Flight Test Center CangchouBeijing18Su-30

Main Base is the main base for the Air Division. MR is Military Region. Aircraft is the number of that Model aircraft assigned to the regiment.

Note 1: The naval regiment is based on unconfirmed reports the machines were delivered.

Note 2: There are indications that the Second Air Division operates both Su-27 and Su-30. This was the lead operational unit and it is also reported that the PLAAF goal is two regiments of first line aircraft per division. Plane count indicates the 33rd Division has two regiments. It is quite possible the second operational unit, the Third Air Division, is similarly outfitted. A two regiment division might operate one of Su-27 and one of Su-30.

ModelPresent CountOrdersTotal

Note 1: Su-27UBK is a 2 seat trainer not assigned as line aircraft. All serve in PLAAF.

Note 2: Su-30MK2 is a naval strike version of Su-30MKK.

Note 3: Su-30MKK is a ground attack version of the Su-27.

Note 4: J-11 = Su-27SK = basic air superiority version of family. Note, however, that while aircraft has no ECM, they are often photographed with ECM pods.

Note 5: It is reported a licence to produce up to 250 Su-30MKK is being negotiated.

Note 6: Not all J-11 have been delivered. 

Note 7: PLAAF TO&E may be 24 per regiment. Up to 26 have been counted. It is not unusual for PLAAF regiments to have extra machines, which probably do not fly.

A total of 11 regiments of Sukhoi in PLA service, including the Lanzhou one. --Sid Trevethan




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