Warplanes: Russian Mini-UAVs Go Black


July 25, 2008: Russian aviation firms are taking advantage of cheaper and more reliable new technology to create mini-UAVs for their police and special operations (commando) forces. One such device was recently demonstrated. It was a miniature helicopter, weighing less than 30 pounds, and capable of staying aloft for two hours at a time. Day and night video cameras were carried, and zoom capability was demonstrated. The Unmanned Systems UAV used a laptop based controller. The mini-chopper had a cruising speed of 50 kilometers an hour and a max altitude of 2,000 meters (out of range of most rifles and machine-guns). The helicopter can operate up to 40 kilometers from its base station.

Last year Unmanned Systems demonstrated a 12 ounce "flying wing" micro-UAV, that stayed aloft for 30 minutes. Apparently, most of Unmanned Systems work is for intelligence organizations, because much of their stuff is never offered for public, or export, sale.




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