Warplanes: The Battalion UAV


September10, 2008:  Israel has already sold its new Skylark II "Battalion UAV" to South Korea and Canada, and many other nations are expressing interest. The  "Battalion UAV"  is proving to be a very effective, useful and popular new weight category for UAVs. This 95 pound, electric UAV has a 22 pound payload (day and night cameras and laser designator) and can be used up to 50 kilometers from the ground operator, and as high as 15,000 feet (out of small arms range). The Skylark II is launched via a catapult that can be mounted on a hummer, or similar vehicle and can stay in the air for six hours at a time. A hummer size vehicle can carry two disassembled Skylark IIs and the ground control equipment. A two man crew operates it.




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