Information Warfare: July 2, 2003


The Special Forces have long been known for developing unique and effective equipment and combat techniques. A recent example of this was seen during the  Iraq campaign. One Special Forces team had an impressive audio set up in one of the hummers. A CD player, a powerful amplifier and some good speakers. Music to charm the locals with? Not exactly. The Special Forces team had a collection of realistic battlefield sounds on the CDs, which they used as a "force multiplier" on more than one occasion. In one case, they encountered a well defended bridge that they had to take. But the Special Forces didn't have enough manpower or firepower to do the job quickly. So they backed off, turned on the CD player and serenaded the defending Iraqis with the sounds of M-1 tanks approaching, getting closer and closer. The Iraqis fled and the bridge was taken without a shot being fired.




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