Information Warfare: November 3, 2003



Many in Congress have taken to calling the four armed services, "the four D's." Translation:

The Army is Dumb, to which some would add "like a fox," for the way the generals always manage to get what they want from Congress using an unending supply of unexpected stratagems.

The United States Air Force is Devious, for the way they always throw high tech gibberish and complex sounding strategies at Congress, and get more money than the other services whether they need it or not.

The Navy is Defiant, ultimately pointing out that without control of the seas, the American economy would collapse, and all the congresscritters giving the sailors a hard time, will be out of a job.

The Marines are the Darlings, for they have the most formidable PR machine Congress has ever encountered. Plus all those buff young guys in those impressive uniforms. The message is, you don't mess with the marines. 




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