Leadership: Getting the F-22A into Action


January 5, 2006: The U.S. Air Force has its first F-22 squadron, and now it wants those aircraft to see some action. This is important if the air force is to get more money out of Congress in order to build more aircraft. The F-22s will be going to Alaska soon for some Winter training. The flying weather in Alaska is the worst on the planet, so flying up there will provide good training, and something to brag about. But come Spring time, the squadron may head for Korea, where the F-22's stealth capabilities could be useful in keeping an eye on whatever the North Koreans are up to. No point in sending F-22s to Iraq, as that's nothing but bombing. And the sand would damage several key F-22 components. The air force has stopped referring to the F-22 as the F/A-22, although the aircraft will still be able to bomb. But from now on, the aircraft is officially the F-22A. It's important, to the air force, that the F-22A be seen as important to the war effort. Since this is the "war on terror," that will be difficult, but not impossible. Just you wait and see.




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