Procurement Article Archive 2008


UH-60 Gets Shown UpPenguins For Brazil Russia Seeks To Lose the 70s Look
Pakistan Buys Chinese AWACSFire Sale On MiGsAmerican Tanks For Lebanon
China Sort Of Promises To Stop Stealing Russian TechHot Rockets Threaten AustraliaIraq Buys What It Knows
One Lives, One DiesRussian Gunships To The RescueEnd Of The Line For Skyhawk and Its Ilk
Merchants Of Death Thank Iran F-35 Fading Under Budget PressuresBrazil Buys Grandson of Mi-8
India Can't Sell Anti-American MissileF-35 Sells As Su-30 StopperRussia Seeks An Israeli UAV Solution
Iran Buys A License To KillThe Curse Of The GorshkovThe Most Successful Post Cold War Aircraft
Big Buyer Seeks Friendly SellersRussia Stocking Up On Beefy Scout HelicoptersThe War On Waste
Chip Smugglers ClippedRafale Hangs OnTaiwan Builds 300 Cruise Missiles
Sten Gun Buyers RejoiceRussian Helicopters Win On PriceTrading In Old Debts For New Weapons
French Patrol Boats For AlgeriaCougar Copters For MalaysiaAn Offer You Can't Refuse
Turkey Embraces Smart Sensors And BombsNorth Korea Buys SmallTaiwan Buys Time
Corrupt Kenyan Gunrunners OutedMagical Missiles From AmericaVenezuela Doubles Up On Chinese Jets
Buddy, Can You Spare An MRAP?Komets Fall On TurkeyThieves In The Spotlight
Iran Takes A Quiet BeatingIsrael Goes For Light And CheapUH-60M Battle Hawk
Used F-16s Migrate EastTaking Cash To The Arms MarketIran Smuggles On
Older Is More ExpensiveRussia Stiffs The Grunts And Boosts The NukesRussia Buys Russian UAVs
Czechs Buy Protected TrucksInternet Kids Screw The BureaucratsHow To Ruin An F-16
Harpoons For TaiwanThe Spyder's TaleA Little Hellfire Goes A Long Way
Pakistan Trolls For TweetsBillions To Buy BrahMosTucano Conquers The South
More Perrys To TurkeyCanadian HeronsThe Czech Connection In Georgia
Stryker Sales SoarTyphoons Confront IraqCanada Catches Chinooks
Iraq Army Buys Stryker CousinItaly Dares, Germany Doesn'tASVs To Iraq
Israel and the C-130JSingapore Fights SmartRich Arabs Buy Deadly Javelin
Germany Buys Laser JDAMThe UndergroundQatar Choppers Up
US Cuts Off TaiwanProps PersistCanada Gets Israeli UAVs For Afghanistan
The Balkan ConnectionIraqi Air Force Starts SmallAnother Fine Mess In The U.S.
Will Barter For U-BoatsEcuador Buys IndianIRIS-T Goes To Africa
Seahawk Goes SouthSouth Korean Smart BombsUkraine Losses the Russian Contract
Rule BritanniaThe Price Of Fuel RulesFrench Military to Shrink and Mutate
China, Russia And Cheap TransportsDefense Spending Continues To DeclineWear And Tear
Russian Sales Surge SlidesUsed Hueys In DemandFirst UH-72A Export Sale
South Korea And Second Hand ApachesEurope Forced to RearmSidewinder Sells On Price
Pre-Owned F-16 Market SoarsBig Trucks Banned From IranThe Gunrunners Friend
Cheap Silicon Replaces Costly OilThe Philippines Buys ItalianSaudis Spend Billions On Russian Weapons
China Rules For Russian ChoppersSingapore Secures Sniper PodsIndia Has A New Plan
Venezuela Buys Chinese JetsFrance Buys Iraq ExperienceTurks Take Ten Transports
Spain Adopts Italian ArmorEcuador Seeks Super TucanoEuropeans Get Dual-Guidance
Half-Size C-130s For ColombiaSearcher Reaches AfghanistanSouth Korean Secret Weapon
The Empire Strikes BackShadows Swarming To BattleRussia Masses Lawyers On Chinese Border
Disarming ZimbabweGunrunners Get GotVenezuela Makes Its Mark
The Final FiveImmortal HellfireThailand Trades Up Anti-Ship Missiles
V-22 Orders CutBuilding AFRICOMPiling On The Predators
Screwing the Defense BudgetNorth Korean Rockets Going Out The Back DoorPakistan Steps Up And Passes The Ammunition
Russian Lawyers Prepare To AttackNo Express Service For TurkeyChina Sneaks Bombers Into Sudan
French Commandos Fly SkylarkDie, Loser, DieRussia Revives Its Weapons Factories
More Mini-Thermals MandatedRussian Arms Exports Under AttackMore JF17s Arrive In Pakistan
India Deals With The Dark SideF-22 ExportsEnd Of An Era For Gunrunners
How AirBus Beat BoeingAll In The FamilyColombia Gets An Aerial Tanker
All Bombed Up And Nowhere To GoPoland Takes On ChinaThe 70 Year Old Combat Helicopter
Polish DelightThe Curse of the Monkey ModelMore Kfirs for Colombia
France Has Smarter BombsRafale Doesn't Travel Well Hawks Swarm India
Chinese Parts for Iranian F-14sHellfire For FranceIrans Singapore Connection
Must Have More F-35s SoonerIranian Landmines in AfghanistanCanada Seeks To Lease Salvation
China Dumps RussiaSpain Secures SpikeIncreasing Global Hawk Production
Iranian F-14s Fly AgainMust Have AH-1Ws NowMi-28N in South America
South American Arms RaceToo Good and Too Simple To ReplaceColombia Buys Night Eyes
Saudis Spend to DefendHellfire RulesBuying Quality in the Persian Gulf
Too Little or Too Much in TaiwanMore Reapers for BritainBrahMos Earns a Scramjet
India Cuts Off MyanmarMore Towers of Power for IraqPakistan Gets More F-16s



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