Procurement Article Archive 2007


Rank The Merchants of DeathPraise the Russians and Pass the AmmunitionBalkan Bullets Bought By Baghdad
Canada the Big Time GunrunnerSelling To Iran With A Straight FaceThe Targeting Pod Revolution Spreads
Moroccan F-16s Keeps Up With Algerian MiGsIndia Declares War On BribesU.S. Army Air Force Expands
Spanish Warships For VenezuelaCurious Chinook ConversionCzechs Check Pandur Sale
Billions For Blackhawk MRacks of HellfireIsraeli Weapons Conquer the World
Lawyer Proofing Pave HawkCongress Gives The Pentagon More Than It WantedIndia Builds the Largest Tank Force in Eurasia
Still Paying For KatrinaTricked Out BMP-3s For GreeceA Nasty Situation
The Best Versus the CheapestRussian Frigates For India DelayedCombat Survivor Evader Locator
Must Have More BushmasterCanada Gets Big Bunker BustersArmored SUVs for Iraq
Russia and China Settle Their Engine WarThe Tyrants FriendHow Much Does "Free" Cost?
Getting Pumped With PumasIndia Cranks Out The MissilesThe Little Giant
A Billion Bullets From the EastIndia Loads Up On Mi-17sEgyptians Buy Big Bunker Busters
Timing Is EverythingA109s Down Under Refurbishing Corrupted Aircraft
Singapore Doubles F-15E OrderSweden Sticks It To RussiaChinese Jets For Iran
Hawk Eyes On North KoreaJapan Seeks F-22 AlternativeRussian Jet Engines For Iran
Gripen Grabs Another Long Shot SaleRussia Raises the RatesKuwait Orders Patriot
Hundreds of AS550s Head for IndiaIndian Carrier Costs Threaten Russian Arms SalesIraq Buys American
Hueys Flock to the PhilippinesPimp My HornetArab Hellfire In The Gulf
Avengers for EgyptBetter Engines for F-15sAnother American Debacle
The Big Four ExportersFreshman FolliesSore Losers Succeed
ReapersMangusta Manages Miraculous SaleSaudis Sustain Air Supremacy
Singapore Secures Smart RocketsChinese Thieves Threaten French SalesTaiwan Cuts Defense Spending By A Third
Danes Obtain Raven UAVFrom Russia With DefectsRussians Buy Everything
The Forever Frigates Eternal Life for CH-53GsTaiwan Upgrades Helicopter Force
Russia Buys Foreign Military TechTaiwan Rolls Its OwnIraq Gets More UH-1HPs
Russia Vexed By Chinese ThievesVenezuela Equips An Army of SnipersThrowing Money at China
Red Wings Over IndonesiaBushmaster Gets More Orders Seeing Is Believing
Expanding the Robot ArmyRussia Tries To Serve Two MastersSouth Korean Flight Trainers Selling
Iraq Flies LightSpeeding Up VirginiaIsrael Opts for All Smart Bombs
Japan Persists in Pursuing the F-22The Enemy of my Enemy is New U.S. WeaponsTurks Upgrade and Expand F-16 Force
Paint it BlackRussia Grabs American MarketsDirty Politics
China Supplies Rockets to Iraqi TerroristsStryker Specials SecuredCombat Experience Seals Another Sale
Price Break on the Final Batch of F-22sBack Seat DriversAdding Taser to the Arsenal
UH-60M Enters Mass ProductionTaiwan Finally Buys P-3sWho Screwed the ARH-70?
Armored Trucks Quickly Replacing HummersHigh Maintenance HogsIndia Builds Paveway-II Dual Mode GPS/Laser Guided Bombs
Su-30 Sales SoarSea Fighter Seeks a Back DoorIran Has a Plan to Break the Arms Import Ban
Thailand First Foreign Customer for MH-60STalked To DeathIndia Orders Lots of the New Blackhawkski
Healthy PorkGerman Missiles Guard The GulfSidewinder Sits on the Sidelines
Spain Becomes Major Arms ExporterEjection SeatsGunrunning in Australia
The Chinese Solution for Finding the Sky PiratesAustralia Rebuilds Its F-18sSri Lanka and the Chinese Warehouse
Norway Goes With Spiffy New C-130JRebuilds No Longer the Cheapest OptionF-16 Fever In the Eastern Mediterranean
Sordid Sales With StringsAfghans Get World War II Artillery and Love ItChina and Russia Parting Company
LockMart Picks Your PocketBuckshot for IraqWho's The Biggest Buyer Of Them All?
For Those Who Can't Wait For JTRSSouth Korea Sets The StandardAir Pirates
Syria Gets A Bunch of Coast Defense MissilesSticker Shock for the Air ForceCanada Buys Peacekeeping Tanks
Cold War Keeps Afghans FlyingRussia Makes Big Buy of AH-64skiCombat Droids Mature
French Politicians Caught Gunrunning in AfricaWhy The Troops Get More MoneyGimme Five Billion Bucks Worth of Armored Trucks
Ukrainian MiGs Annoy IranMore Anti-Missile MissilesWhat is This Pre-Owned MiG-27 Worth?
Jet Engine WarGuided 70mm Rocket Left to DieBigger and More Reliable Global Hawk
Marines Deal With DisasterMade in Canada?Hard Core Crap
Russian Arms Sales Surge AheadIntact F-14s Escape Into the WildDefense Spending Ain't What It Used To Be
Hard Times in Southern LebanonDual Use Pilot TrainerIsrael Supplies Rocket Components to Palestinians
Colombias Rearmament PlanRussian Incentive ProgramWhy Egypt Buys Oshkosh
Singapore Stays StrongSouth Korea Seeks F-15K StablemateF-22 Secrets Too Precious to Sell
Smart Eyes for Peaceful Belgium F-16s Australia Runs Out of TimeUSMC Thrives on Army Surplus
Russia Helps China Screw RussiaGermany Buys Global HawkMust Have Thermal Sights Faster
AH-1F for PakistanU.S. Shipbuilding Stumbles and FallsStealing Surplus Stuff
Don't Trust China With Your TechKeeping the F-14 Parts From IranBig Order for the V-22
India Lusts for C-130JsDeal With the DevilSecrets Not For Sale
Russia Screws ChinaU.S. Army Shopping List ShockersThe Utility of Used
Sensitive Surplus Spares Stolen AwayShip Prices Gone WildThe Little Giant
MiG-35 Enters Its First RaceSeeking Second Hand GunshipsProsecution, Not Profits
DRDO Does It AgainSaving the Il-76How Corruption Kills
Serbs Rebuild their MiG-29s



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